Practitioner Guide: Referral System Quality Improvement

December 2016

Referral System Quality Improvement: Implementing a Quality Improvement Initiative with Multi-Sectoral Stakeholders (PDF)

Quality improvement (QI) is an established methodology to strengthen health service delivery and health systems.¬†¬†However, there are currently no widely available QI tools or guidance documents that focus on increasing the quality and functionality of multi-sectoral networks. This guide describes the implementation of a quality improvement initiative with stakeholders from multiple sectors and provides relevant tools to adapt for use within a multi-sectoral referral network. The guide is intended for implementers, stakeholders and service providers who need guidance on quality improvement of referral networks serving vulnerable populations — including people affected by HIV and AIDS and orphans and vulnerable children, among others — particularly networks focusing on connecting these populations with ES/L/FS or other community-based support.

This practitioner guide highlights unique considerations for QI within a multi-sectoral stakeholder environment. It also provides an array of tools which can be utilized and adapted by new and existing RNs. The material contained in this guide was developed from the experiences and lessons learned by the LIFT project, primarily through its QI work in two sub-Saharan African countries: Tanzania and Zambia. This guide is not intended to be a rigid instruction manual for QI initiative implementation; rather, it provides tools and guidance that can, and should, be adapted to best fit each context. Using the guide as a reference, we hope that stakeholders will develop new ideas to inform future revisions of this document.

Examples of the tools referenced in the guide as well as examples of workshop presentations are linked below.

Tool A QI Workshop Agenda Templates

Tool B Workshop Facilitation Tips

Tool C Fishbone Diagram Handout

Tool D Communication Activity Instructions

Tool E Referral Network Member-Code of Conduct

Tool F QI Learning Activity Instructions

Tool G QI Team Meeting Guidance & Minutes Template

Tool H Example Referral Network QI Aims

Tool I QI Action Plan Template

Tool J QI Data Tracker Example

Tool K Report Template Example

Tool L Back-to-Back Drawing Activity Instructions

Presentation examples for QI Workshop Organizers:

QI PG diagrams

QI Launch Workshop Presentation Template

Second and Third QI Workshop Presentation Template

Final QI Workshop Presentation Template