Practitioner Guide: Client Outcome Assessments

March 2017

Client Outcome Assessments: Supplementing Routine Project Data to Better Understand Outcomes of Interest (PDF)

This guide describes the implementation of various methods used under LIFT to understand client- and household-level outcomes associated with participation in the referral network, and provides relevant tools to adapt for use in other projects conducting similar assessments. The guide is intended for implementers and operations researchers who seek guidance on layering lean data collection methods onto ongoing programs. The tools included as annexes to this guide were developed for use under the LIFT project and can be modified as necessary. These tools have been tested and refined from experiences in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Malawi, Tanzania, Lesotho, and Zambia. This guide will continue to be improved and refined, as needed.

Links to the individual tools referenced in this guide can be found below.

tool a: assessment design considerations checklist

tool b: scheduling template

tool c: budget template

tool d: data collector training agenda

tool e: data collection process diagram

tool f: job aid/cheat sheet example

tool g_data collection progress tracker

tool h: data analysis template

tool i: ART adherence and retention check tool

tool j: VFS tool