Job Aid for Referral Counselling

May 2017  | Zambia  | Claire Gillum, Alison Hughey, Clinton Sears, Gretchen Thompson

Referral Counselling Job Aid: User's Guide (PDF)

Referral Counselling Job Aid Tool (PDF)

In its provision of TA to the referral network members, LIFT II has particularly emphasized the need to make appropriate referrals. The process for determining an appropriate referral is necessary to ensure that the referral is relevant to the client; the client is eligible to receive the service to which they have been referred; and when a client arrives at their referral destination, they can efficiently receive the needed service, which, in turn, can increase client trust in local institutions. A critical component in the referral process is client counselling, the effectiveness of which can be improved through the use of tools, such as job aids.

The LIFT II team undertook a qualitative assessment to develop and refine a job aid to support service providers in delivering a standardized and comprehensive referral counselling experience for clients. This guide is intended to serve as an accompaniment to that job aid. Beginning with an explanation of the purpose of the job aid and the intended users, the guide moves on to provide a summary of the process by which the job aid was created and an explanation of what is included in the job aid. The guide then provides users with detailed instructions and best practices for use of the job aid.

Job Aid User’s Guide

Referral Counselling Job Aid