Ethiopia Assessment

April 2011  | Ethiopia

Ethiopia Assessment Report (PDF)

Ethiopia Assessment Brief (PDF)

In August and September 2010, on request from the USAID/PEPFAR Ethiopia office, the LIFT project conducted an assessment of economic strengthening (ES) activities within the office’s HIV/AIDS portfolio. This report contains the findings of this assessment, together with recommendations for USAID/PEPFAR Ethiopia to support program activities.

The goal of this assessment was to help mitigate the impacts of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia by improving the quality and impact of ES interventions. The assessment team examined the current state of ES programming in Ethiopia, identified challenges or constraints facing USAID/PEPFAR Ethiopia and its partners, and identified opportunities to improve ES programming based on input from partners and global learning of effective ES practice.

In this report, LIFT presents three sets of recommendations: (1) strategic guidance to help PEPFAR manage and improve its ES portfolio; (2) standards of practice that all ES programs should follow; and (3) program-specific recommendations for partners and their USAID program managers.