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Paving a Road for Improved Referral Systems in Zambia

June 30, 2016  | Zambia

Globally, LIFT is incorporating quality improvement (QI) concepts into existing referral work in order to more formally identify gaps, adopt changes and track progress towards improvement. In June 2016, the Mkushi District Referral Network (MDRN) kicked off QI integration in Zambia by holding the first of three planned quarterly collaborative workshops. While LIFT’s approach to […]

Hildah’s story: Prospects for a brighter future

April 22, 2016  | Zambia

“Because of my savings and loans group I feel more secure” Meet Hildah Muyokoma. Hildah is a mother of three living in the rural area of Nkumbi in Mkushi District, Zambia. While Mkushi District is known as a hub for agricultural industry, Hildah aspired to one day start her own business frying up fresh vitumbuwa […]

Zambia update: Moving ahead in Mkushi, piloting economic strengthening fairs in Kitwe

November 27, 2015  | Zambia

With three years’ experience in providing technical assistance around the establishment of referral systems, the LIFT II team has become well-versed in its efforts to effectively train and build capacity for its referral network members, volunteers and stakeholders. In the most recent trip to Zambia, LIFT II engaged multiple groups of stakeholders and referral network […]

Training days: Field update from Mkushi, Zambia

October 30, 2015  | Zambia

We are excited to feature our first blog post from Carlo Abuyuan, the newest member of the LIFT team. Carlo is joining the team through a Leland International Hunger Fellowship and is based in Mkushi, Zambia for this first year of his post and will be providing periodic first-hand updates from the field.    Here […]

One month in, referrals off to a strong start in Zambia

August 10, 2015  | Zambia

While Zambia is the newest country to join the LIFT family, activities on the ground are already taking off with very encouraging preliminary results. In a recent trip to Zambia, LIFT staff held a forum for member organizations of the nascent Kitwe District Referral Network (KDRN), met with stakeholders in the Mkushi District to inform […]

Life-saving links in Zambia: Referring clients to the services they need most

May 15, 2015  | Zambia

Anyone working in or even reading about public health and development has no doubt encountered the concept of referrals. In theory, it’s not a complicated idea. In practice, however, developing a network of referral providers, creating a workable referral system, tracking clients throughout the system, and capturing data to measure the system’s success all require […]

Mobilizing in Zambia: Bringing a multi-sector approach to improve nutrition and retention in care

September 22, 2014  | Zambia

In Zambia, LIFT II has been working hand-in-hand with the Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance III Project (FANTA) and Project Concern International (PCI) to develop a comprehensive and contextually appropriate curriculum to train community health workers in the nutrition assessment, counselling and support (NACS) programmatic approach. Working with these partners and government counterparts, LIFT has […]