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M&E update: What we’re learning about linking client health outcomes to referrals

October 23, 2015  | Global

Over the past year, LIFT II’s referral systems have served over 23,000 clients in six countries. Primarily our referral systems exist to serve PLHIV by connecting them to services available in their community. Usually these services support economic strengthening—thus far, 68.5% of clients received referrals to village savings and loan associations (VSLAs)—but they can also […]

Data collection: Complete, Next stop: Analysis

August 3, 2015  | Malawi

This is the third post in a three-part series featuring the Malawi Assessment. Catch up with parts one and two to learn more.  After over four weeks of intense data collection in country, the LIFT II Malawi assessment team has wrapped up their field work and returned home—and shifted gears towards data analysis. This field work […]

Field update: Malawi assessment in full swing

July 7, 2015  | Malawi

This is the second post in a three-part series featuring the Malawi Assessment. Catch up with part one and read on to part three to learn more.  After two weeks of dedicated preparation and training—as well as pushing through the growing pains for initial implementation–LIFT II’s Malawi assessment is well underway in the three districts of Lilongwe, Kasungu and […]

Coming full circle: Assessing LIFT’s referral work in Malawi

June 17, 2015  | Malawi

This is the first post in a three-part series featuring the Malawi Assessment. Read on with parts two and three to learn more.  These are exciting times on the LIFT team as we approach the close of our second year. This week, project staff will travel to Malawi to examine the health and livelihoods impact of two distinct clinic-to-community […]

Picking up the Pace: Facilitating Access to Key Services in Malawi

December 2014  | Malawi

Success Story: Picking up the Pace: Facilitating Access to Key Services (PDF)

More than 40% of Malawians survive below the poverty line. Around 80% reside in rural areas dependent upon agriculture and small business, yet many can’t afford to buy seed and fertilizer necessary to avoid lackluster harvests. Vision Fund, a financial service provider, has been a championing member of the Balaka Referral Network (BRN) since its inception […]

Lessons learned: Eight things you must do for referral networks

November 13, 2014  | Malawi

In late June 2014, LIFT launched a referral network that uses mobile phones to track client referrals in Balaka District, Malawi. The Balaka Referral Network (BRN) is led by the Sue Ryder Foundation in Malawi (SFRIM) and includes 14 other local service providers who work in health, economic strengthening, livelihoods and food security within the […]

Micro Savings and Loans—and Pumpkins—Change Lives

September 2014  | Malawi

Success Story: Micro Savings and Loans—and Pumpkins—Change Lives (PDF)

Village savings and loan associations (VSLAs) are self-managed groups that provide people with a safe place to save their money and access small loans. In Malawi, LIFT-facilitated referrals to VSLAs have allowed PLHIV and other vulnerable households to access savings services which provide the means towards financial security, and in the case of Iness Sukuma, increased food […]

Paving the way for clinic-community referrals in Malawi

October 23, 2014  | Malawi

The link between HIV and nutrition is clear: Infection increases energy and nutrient requirements, and malnutrition accelerates the progression of the virus. In 2005, the Malawi Ministry of Health (MOH) established the Nutrition Care, Support and Treatment (NCST) program as a client-centered approach to integrate nutrition and health services (such as HIV counseling and treatment) […]

Balaka’s referral system launches with encouraging progress

July 14, 2014  | Malawi

From June 16 to 20, 2014, LIFT spent a week in Balaka providing training to focal referral representatives at 15 distinct health, nutrition, economic strengthening, livelihoods and food security (ES/L/FS) service providers on referral system management and use of tools. Small group facilitation afforded each participant the opportunity to practice using referral forms, role-play the […]