Technical Process Note: Capacity Strengthening and Mentoring

April 2015

Reinforcing the Foundation of Referral Networks: Capacity Strengthening and Mentoring (PDF)


LIFT works with health facilities and community-based service providers to establish effective clinic-community referral networks (RNs) that can operate with existing resources. Preliminary activities may include stakeholder engagement and orientation on the project’s TA approach; a situational analysis of the health, nutrition, economic and gender dynamics in the community; an organizational network analysis or service mapping to identify potential RN members; stakeholder meetings to collectively define network needs and priorities; and collaborative development and adaptation of referral tools and processes. These steps lead to the creation of a multi-sector referral network that is responsive to community priorities and has strong local ownership. LIFT then conducts a hands-on training for all network members to introduce the agreed upon tools and processes for implementing referrals; however, a single training workshop, regardless of how practical and effective it is, does not necessarily translate into smooth implementation. To promote the technical and programmatic sustainability of these networks, following initial training and launch of the referral system, LIFT routinely engages with network members and other stakeholders to foster effective implementation and local management.