Notes from the Field

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Janary 2017  | Tanzania  | Meredith Cann | Program Officer

Sustainable Growth and Positive Change for the Iringa Referral Network

Iringa Development of Youth, Disabled and Children Care (IDYDC) is an important partner in LIFT II’s referral network in Tanzania. IDYDC offers multiple services to vulnerable populations as well as youth, elders and those with disabilities. Since 2014 IDYDC’s multi-disciplinary approach, which includes financial support, training and health programs have helped more than 100 clients […]

December 2016  | DRC  | Clinton Sears | Project Director & Sonja Horne | Knowledge Management Officer

Saving for Individual Success and Community Stability in DRC

People living with HIV (PLHIV) in DRC face a number of challenges both in the community and in their own homes, from wide spread discrimination to lack of care and support services. The two women in this story, Aimée Kasongo and Sarah Masengo, worked with LIFT II and partners to overcome the stigmas surrounding their disease and improve their lives and health.

October 2016  | Samuel Mayinoti | Regional Technical Advisor

LIFT II Moves Forward in Nigeria

With support from the USAID/Nigeria mission, LIFT II has reached an advanced stage of planning for provision of Technical Assistance (TA) in Rivers State of Nigeria. LIFT TA will be provided to Strengthening Integrated Service Delivery for HIV/AIDS Services (SIDHAS), the biggest FHI360-implemented project in Nigeria, and will complement TA being provided already by the […]

October 2016  | Lilian Tarimo, Samuel Mayinoti, Nsajigwa Richard, Clinton Sears and Zach Andersson

Mbeya Referral Network Economic Strengthening Fair, Take One

Launched in February 2016, the Mbeya Referral Network (MRN) strives  to optimize opportunities for increasing effective referrals of PLHIV to available ES/L/FS services. This is consistent with the objectives of LIFT II to support the creation of, and provision of ongoing technical support to the MRN. To date, MRN consists of 26 Service providers, mainly […]

 | Tanzania  | Samuel Mayinoti

Learning from the Experience of a Referral Network in Rural Tanzania

Background The Livelihoods and Food Security Technical Assistance II (LIFT II) project focuses on extending the continuum of care and support for clients accessing HIV and nutrition services by linking them to economic strengthening, livelihood, and food security services to improve overall outcomes. The Mbeya Referral Network (MRN) in rural Tanzania was launched in February […]

July 22, 2016  | Global  | Clinton Sears, LIFT II Technical Director

LIFT & QI: Applying Quality Improvement to Referral Work

Over the course of project year three, LIFT is introducing the quality improvement (QI) process to referral sites. The purpose of QI is to ensure things that should happen actually do happen, and is reflected in the often used slogan “what gets measured gets done”. In LIFT’s referral work, the application of QI concepts is […]

June 30, 2016  | Zambia  | Carlo Abuyuan, LIFT II Leland Fellow; Cheryl Tam, LIFT II Knowledge Management Officer

Paving a Road for Improved Referral Systems in Zambia

Globally, LIFT is incorporating quality improvement (QI) concepts into existing referral work in order to more formally identify gaps, adopt changes and track progress towards improvement. In June 2016, the Mkushi District Referral Network (MDRN) kicked off QI integration in Zambia by holding the first of three planned quarterly collaborative workshops. While LIFT’s approach to […]

June 3, 2016  | Lesotho  | Claire Gillum, LIFT II Technical Officer

Evaluating Outcomes with a Vulnerability and Food Security Study in Lesotho

LIFT’s work in Lesotho stretches back to late 2013, with the provision of a household economic strengthening (HES) workshop for community-based organizations (CBOs) in Mohale’s Hoek and Thaba-Tseka districts. Since that time, LIFT has continued to grow activities in these districts—two of the most heavily impacted by Lesotho’s HIV epidemic—providing technical assistance to support implementation […]

April 28, 2016  | Lesotho  | Zach Andersson, LIFT II Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Leading by Example: An Encouraging Circle of Support for PLHIV in Lesotho

Lesotho faces an immense challenge in the fight against HIV, as 23% of the population (or around 310,000 people) are currently living with the disease.[1] According to the UNAIDS 2014 Gap Report, the scale-up of antiretroviral treatment (ART) in Lesotho has been gradual, however only 29% of adults aged 15 and older, and 15% of children […]